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Daily Routine

A routine is followed daily at Home Grown Kids Day Care. A routine/schedule is in essence how children tell time. By following a daily routine children are generally calmer, more secure in their environment and have a better understanding of time throughout the day.

Daily Routine


 7:30-8:30 am quiet play, educational TV


8:30-10:00 am free play, morning snack offered at 9:00 am


10:00-10:15 am  bathroom routine, diaper change


10:15-10:30 am tidy up time


10:30-10:45 am structured learning theme


10:45-11:00 am  action songs & music


11:00-11:15 am story time


11:15-11:30 pm educational TV,making lunch


11:30-12:00 pm lunch time


12:00-12:30 pm free play (outdoor weather permitting) bathroom routine, diaper change


12:30-1:00 pm bathroom routine, diaper change


1:00-3:00 pm quiet time, nap time(books/Disney movie)


3:00- 3:30 pm wake up/ bathroom routine/diaper change


3:45-4:15 pm snack time


4:15-5:30 pm  free play (out door weather permitting)


5:30 pm parental pick up





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