1. Parents make sure your child(ren) comes dressed appropriately for all summer activities (hats, sun screen or sun clothes, extra shorts, tee shirt). If they are wearing sandals please make sure they have running shoes & crocs or water shoes in their back packs.


2. Please make sure for all day trips that children are able to carry their own back packs, don't make them to heavy.


3. Please make sure your child has a swim suit/ little swimmer pull ups & an extra tee shirt in their back packs for the whole summer.


4. If you wish to switch a regular day for your child(ren) to a trip day that's fine, if I have a space available. Just let me know, so I can hire extra help.


5. Please include cost of day trips the day of the trip (cash please). If your child does not attend any particular day trip their is no cost to the parents.


6. I will have my cell phone with me during day trips. Please put it in your phone 519-933-3794, or ask for my business card.


7. Please check our calendar or summer fun links for the list of required items for each day trip. Alternate rain dates will be posted if necessary the night before each particular day trip.