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Current Clientele

This page is for current clientele. Here you will find details on learning themes, special days and events, holidays and general areas of focus in your child's day.

Structured Learning Theme:

This winter we are focusing on learning our letters. We will be exploring our letters using songs, games, actions, computer learning and weekly coloring pages. We are also creating our own letter books, look for them to come home.

On Monday Feb 14/22 we will be having a little Valentines Party, balloons, cookies and a valentine exchange. The children are welcome to bring valentines for exchange.

The kids will need 5-6 valentines for exchange, just fill in the from part, sometimes the kids like to change cards because of the pictures.


FYI: Parents here is what we are focusing on for Jan, Feb & March 2022

FYI for Parents

Weather permitting we like to play outside everyday. Generally if the tempatrue is -10 degree celuis or above we get dressed for outside play in the afternoon. Please make sure the kids come with proper winter gear for playing outisde.

Note: Weather below -10 cleius we stay indoors.


Click our calendar for important dates, special events day trips, holidays and birthdays.

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